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Basic Information


Total number of shares authorized to be issued 51,400,000 (As of March 31, 2019)
Total number of shares issued 25,098,060 (As of March 31, 2019)
Number of shareholders 10,055 (As of March 31, 2019)


(As of March 31, 2019)
Type of bonds Date of issue Balance of bonds
The 9th unsecured bonds June 17, 2015 15,000,000,000
The 11th unsecured bonds September 27, 2016 10,000,000,000
The 12th unsecured bonds September 20, 2018 5,000,000,000
The 13th unsecured bonds September 20, 2018 5,000,000,000

Principal shareholders

(As of March 31, 2019)
Shareholder Number of shares
held (in thousands)
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 2,104 8.68%
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 1,794 7.40%
Saitama Resona Bank, Limited 1,202 4.96%
BNY GCM Client Account JPRD AC ISG (FE-AC) 1,050 4.33%
State Street Bank and Trust Company 505253 724 2.98%
Credit Suisse AG, Dublin Branch Prime Client Asset Equity Account 667 2.75%
Northern Trust Co. (AVFC) Re ledu Ucits Clients Non Lending 15 PCT Treaty Account 553 2.28%
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account 5) 457 1.88%
BBH for Fidelity Select Portfolios: Electronics Portfolio INTL EQ SUB 448 1.85%
MLI for Client General Omni Non Collateral Non Treaty-PB 383 1.58%

* The Company holds 865 thousand (3.44%) shares of treasury stock but is excluded from the principal shareholders listed above.
* Shareholding ratio is calculated by subtracting treasury stock from the total number of shares outstanding.

Distribution by type of shareholders

Distribution by type of shareholders

Information on business settlement

Business year From April 1 to March 31
Ordinary general meeting of shareholders June, every year
Record date with respect to above meeting March 31, every year
Record date for dividends Year-end dividends : March 31, every year
Interim dividends : September 30, every year
The Company's shares are listed on First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange