Sanken Group Action Plan For Environmental Protection

1.Promotion of environmentally conscious electronic products.
  (1) Development of products and systems with lower power consumption, smaller physical dimensions and lighter weight.
  (2) Establishment of stricter management over hazardous substances contained in our products.
    [Response to laws and regulations including the RoHS directive, and customer's requests. ]
(a) Promotion of "green" procurement of parts and materials.
(b) Promotion of "green" production in which the parts and materials guaranteed to be free of banned substances are used, and the manufacturing process is guarded against accidental contamination and mixture.
(c) Promotion of survey about the type and content of hazardous substances contained in our products.

2. Reduction of environmental burden from activities at our business sites.
  (1) Strengthening of actions against global warming.
(a) Reduction of global warming gas emission:
· Carbon dioxide emission created by the use of electric power and fuel is reduced by more than 1% per year as required by the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy in Japan
· Perfluorocarbon emission in semiconductor device production is lowered to achieve the international industry group target.
(b) Proactive compliance with "the report system of global warming gases" and "the designated factory system of energy management" in Japan.
  (2) Improvement of the rate of waste recycling: more than 98% for the sum total of Sanken Group in Japan in FY 2008.
  (3) Identification of the use, and reduction of the emission to environment, of hazardous substances.

3. Stronger organization to oversee environmental protection activities of the entire Sanken Group.
  (1) Further sharing of information and stronger cooperation among Sanken Group companies.
  (2) Continued public disclosure about environmental achievements by Sanken Group.
  (3) Coordination with social movement to promote measures against global warming.

4. Respect for the living environment of our neighbors.

  Each Sanken Group company will establish its own objectives and targets for environmental protection according to the above requirements and the specific requirements of each country and each business site, and will take actions to achieve those goals.
April 1, 2008
Sadatoshi Iijima
Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.
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