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Business today depends on trouble-free computing. Power failures, voltage fluctuations, and other power supply problems can cause a range of serious problems, including system failures and the loss of valuable data. The effects of such computer failure on a business can be devastating.

Sanken UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provide a reliable supply of backup power in the event line power fails. Demonstrating Sanken's leadership in the field, Sanken UPS are used in a wide range of industries.


· Extensive lineup ranges from the compact, cost-effective, general-purpose FULLBACK series to custom UPS.
· Three types of power supply are available to meet system scale, criticality, and budget requirements.
· Long-life (5-year) batteries reduce operating cost and require less frequent replacement.
· Self-diagnostic features reduce the burden of maintenance.
· A Low-noise design minimizes the effects of electromagnetic interference on system equipment and ensures trouble-free operation in offices.
· A broad range of power management applications makes Sanken UPS fully compatible with various computer networks resulting in enhanced system safety and lower operating expenses.
Applications run under Windows and all versions of UNIX.

[Major Applications]

· Personal computers, small offices/home offices, and workstations
· Servers (from workgroup servers to divisional and corporate servers)
· LAN/WAN and other network systems
· Network devices (hub, router, other)
· Public systems (traffic control, disaster prevention, finance, communications)
· Factory automation equipment and systems
· Regulated power supplies (semiconductor processing, plating equipment, others)

[Product Line]

Choose the UPS you need from Sanken's wide range for all load capacities and uses. Applications run under Windows and all versions of UNIX

Safety Notes

Before using Sanken UPS products, please note the following precautions:
· Carefully read the User's Manual supplied with the product.
· Observe the operating and environmental conditions described in this Web site.
· This product is designed and manufactured for use in Japan only. For use outside Japan, consult a Sanken sales representative. If the Japanese version of the product is used outside Japan, voltage differences may cause smoke or fire.


Replacement of Consumable Parts (Batteries and Fans)
Battery life depends on the operating environment and the conditions (ambient temperature, backup frequency, etc.) under which the product is used. UPS batteries should always be replaced before the end of the service life specified in the User's Manual. If a battery is used for longer than its service life, electrolyte leakage or smoke emission may cause serious damage or injury.

The service life of the cooling fan is 3 to 5 years. The fan should be replaced before the end of its service life.

  *We offer inspection and replacement services for both UPS batteries and cooling fans. For more information, contact your nearest service representative.

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