SWH Series

SWH Series

Single output
Unit type with large wattage


  • Product lineup:
    • - Output power: 650W
    • - Output voltage: 24V/48V
  • Sanken's proprietary LLC type resonant-mode and silicon carbide technology are employed to achieve high efficiency and low noise.
  • Low profile
    • - 120 x 61 x 190 (mm)
  • Safety standard
    • - UL60950-1, c-UL (CSA60950-1), EN60950-1
    • - Design to meet EN50178 and PSE
  • Temperature derating: -20 degree C to 70 degree C (100% at 60 degree C and 75% at 70 degree C)
  • Corresponding to SEMI F-47 standard (200VAC)

Optimum Applications

  • Computer-related equipment
    • - Printer peripherals, terminals, ATMs, POS equipment, filling systems
  • Industrial equipment
    • - Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring instruments, test equipment, analytical tools, broadcast equipment

Model Names

Legend SWH 650 -◯◯
  Series Output power Output voltage
24: 24V
48: 48V

Quick Reference

Series SWH
Model SWH650
Input voltage AC85~265V
Output power 648W / 624W
Output voltage 24V / 48V
Specifications -
External view (mm) W 120
D 190
H 61
External view drawing
Technical data 24V
48V -
Promotion sheet
Operation manual


Observe the following points.

  1. Read the Operation Manual and detailed specifications before use.
  2. Observe the use conditions, environment and cautions described in the documents.
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