Switching Power Supplies

Providing advanced unit power supplies ranging from general-purpose products to custom-made products, using our in-house power devices and unique circuit technology

Switching power supplies are indispensable for power conversion in electronic devices, including computers, OA equipment, and communications equipment.
Sanken combines unique current resonant circuit and power device technologies and employs Sanken power ICs to develop original switching power supplies, which are highly regarded by our customers in the fields of information communication equipment, OA equipment, and FA industrial equipment.
In addition to general-purpose (standard) products, you can order a custom-made power supply specific to your applications.
Our switching power supplies comply with the RoHS directive.

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: CAD data, technical data and operation manual for various series have been newly released.
: Product introduction page for CWB series and SWH series has been place.
July 14,2016
: Please be informed that the sale of HWB series will be terminated upon depletion of current stock. For more information, please consult with your account representatives in our sales division.

General-purpose switching power supplies

Configuraltion Series Output
Output voltage (VDC) Features
5 12 15 24 36 48
Open PSU, optional chassis and cover
15, 30, 50 - - - Low standby power, suited for control power supply
Enclosed PSU with fan
650 - - - - High efficiency, market leading (93% at 100% load)
Open PSU with chassis
30, 50, 100, 150 - - - Compact size, due to optimal design
Open PSU, optional chassis and cover
50, 100, 150, 240 - - -

Supports 200% the rated output with high efficiency and low noise

*1 Only compatible with 150W and over products
*2 only 60W

Semi-custom power supplies

Configuraltion Series Output
Output voltage (VDC) Features
Enclosed PSU with fan
300, 450, 650 See the specifications. Configurable PSU, multiple output by combination of DC modules. Comply with medical safety standards.

Front-end power supply

Configuraltion Series Output
Output voltage (VDC) Features
Enclosed PSU with fan
1600 12.1 Server Front-end power supply with high efficiency, 80PLUS Platinum compliance.

AC adapters

Sanken offers a variety of high-efficiency, low noise, compact, and lightweight AC adapters, ideally suited for mobile electronic devices such as laptop PCs. High efficiency and low noise have been realized for all operation areas through the use of a low power consumption IC and low-noise transformer. Our AC adapters comply with all energy-saving regulations, the safety standards of each country, the EMI (noise) regulation, and the RoHS directive, and so can be used in the vast majority of countries.
Ultra-small AC adapters (60 W)

Series Input voltage Output power Output voltage Features
SEE 90 to 264 VAC 40 W (peak: 55 W)
65 W (peak: 75 W)
* See the specifications.
See the specifications. Realized market leading low standby power and high efficiency by low power consumption IC and power control technology.
SED 90 to 264 VAC 60 W (peak: 80 W)
* See the specifications.
12, 16, 19, 24 VDC

- These AC adapters can be used for information processing devices only.
- An AC power cord is not provided.
- Use a double-insulated AC power cord.

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