CWB Series

CWB Series

Single output
PCB type (with optional chassis cover)
Market leading position for low standby power


  • Product lineup:
    • - Output power: 15W/30W/50W (three models)
    • - Output voltage: 5V/12V/15V - Supports a wide variety of needs
  • Best suited to control system power supply due to low standby power
  • Safety standard
    • - UL60950-1, c-UL (CSA60950-1), EN60950-1
    • - 120 x 61 x 190 (mm)
  • High efficiency, low noise and low leakage due to Sanken's proprietary IC
  • In conformity to CE marking (low voltage directive)
  • Options: Chassis, cover
    • - Realized low price by minimizing variety of models to PCB type and with chassis cover type

Optimum Applications

  • Consumer equipment (OA, AV use)
  • General office equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • IT terminal, broadcast equipment
  • Others such as control system power supply

Model Names

Legend CWB * * * -◯◯ -△
  Series Output power
015: 15W
030: 30W
050: 50W
Output voltage
5: 5V
12: 12V
15: 15V
-LC: Chassis and cover

Quick Reference

Series CWB
Model CWB015 CWB030 CWB050
Input voltage AC85~265V
Output power 15W 30W 50W
Output voltage 5V / 12V / 15V
Specifications - - -
External view (mm) W 50 50 50
D 87.5 105 132
H 22 26.5 27.1
External view drawing PCB
Technical data 5V
Promotion sheet
Operation manual

* Refer to external view drawing for the size with chassis and cover


Observe the following points.

  1. Read the Operation Manual and detailed specifications before use.
  2. Observe the use conditions, environment and cautions described in the documents.
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