Front-end power supply that meets the 80 Plus Platinum * efficiency standard and contributes to energy saving and resource saving for IT equipment and system equipment.

*80 Plus is a voluntary certification program by ECOS consulting intended to promote efficient energy use in computer power supply units. It certifies products that have more than 80% energy efficiency and ranks per power conversion efficiency.

80 Plus


  • High efficiency: Meets 80PLUS Platinum standard
  • High power density: 2.1W/CC
  • Compact and easy configurable mounting by 1U X 2U size
  • Equipped with N+1 redundant operation function by sharing current
  • OR-ing circuit incorporated (Hot-swappable)
  • Equipped with monitoring function for input/output power and temperature

Quick Reference

Input voltage 90-132VAC 180-264VAC
Output voltage 12.1V(main) 12.1V(sub)
Output current For 100V 66A 2A
For 200V 132A 2A
Size (mm) 73.5(W) x 278(D) x 40(H) without prong
Promotion sheet
Operation manual
Technical data
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