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High-performance Airway Beacon Systems

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The lights that flash on bridge towers, chimneys, and steel towers are known as airway beacon lights. In Japan, owners of buildings and towers taller than 150 meters are required to install airway beacon lights on top. Sanken has nearly 100% share of Japan's beacon light market.

Beacon systems consists of high-luminance lamps, a power supply, and a peripheral illumination meter. The lamps flash white light of 200,000-cd illuminance (daytime) (compare this with the 70 cd of a 60w light bulb) at 40 flashes per minute (1.5 sec. interval). Beacon lights are also required to endure rigorous environmental conditions, including strong winds, temperature extremes, heavy rain, and corrosive gases, while maintaining operational reliability and accuracy. With its state-of-the-art technology, Sanken has overcome these challenges to build the highest quality and reliability into each of its products.


· All-day beacon system with auto-luminance switching for day, night, and twilight conditions.
· Separate lamps and power supply make maintenance easier.
· High-efficiency xenon flash tube saves energy.
· Use of highly reliable semiconductor devices, materials and parts, along with airtight construction, ensures long life and high environmental resistance.


· Radio towers   · Viewing towers and amusement facilities
· Chimneys   · Power transmission towers
· Satellite and terrestrial TV towers   · Chemical plant towers
· Bridge towers   · Water/oil storage towers
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