vm05 Series

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The vm05 Series of general-purpose inverters boasts a revolutionary performance born from Sanken's superb technological capabilities.

To meet diversified needs, the vm05 Series offers a powerful array of features, including dual-rated specifications selectable to best suit the intended application, the industry's first software customize function, and control algorithms provided as standard.

Dual-rated specifications for cost reduction
Two types of rated specifications - H characteristics and P characteristics - can be selected according to the load status, widening the range of standard applicable motors and achieving substantial cost reductions (200 V type STB Series).
Industry's first software customize function
Dedicated functions can be created by adding various types of software, according to the customer's requirements. Customers can also modify programs and perform upgrades following purchase.
Control algorithms for various types of applications provided as standard
Control algorithms for diverse applications, such as winding control, multiple pump drive control and fixed-time inching, are provided as standard. The vm05 Series can be used as a dedicated inverter to meet diversified system needs.
Excellent operability and a wide range of communication features
The RS-232C interface, allowing direct connection to personal computers, and the RS-485 interface, effective for managing system operations, are provided as standard.
Expandability with PG feedback
Vector control operations are realized by using a PG feedback board (option).
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