Inverter Options

Options and Peripheral Devices

Install peripheral devices, including options, according to your system status and purpose of use.

  • *1 Input power supply / transformer
    • When system power voltage and inverter rated input voltage are required to be suited, please set according to the requirements.
    • When several inverters are used simultaneously, it must be configured to reduce the influence of higher harmonic current to other loaded equipments.
  • *2 Molded case circuit breaker or earth leakage circuit breaker
    • Please connect it with the protection or overload protection circuit of power supply system.
    • When a earth leakage circuit breaker protection switch is required, please select corresponding higher harmonic products.
  • *3 Electromagnetic contactor
    • A surge absorber must be configured on the winding.
    • Please install a surge absorber to restrain the surge caused by open/close actions of electromagnetic contactor or controlling relay.
When an internal EMC filter is used, please set the selector switch to ON.
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