Inverter Options

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Peripheral Equipments & Options

The following optional boards built into the inverter are available.

Type Function Applicable
PG feedback board SB-PG Detect the motor speed with the detector (PG) to operate speed control function and position control function.
  • Keep the motor speed constant when the load changes.
  • Can stop the machine tool at fixed position.
All models
Feed pump system board SWS The constant feed pump system that can attach up to 7 pumps can be constructed without PDI controller or PLC controller.
The inverter driving fixed system and circuit system, automatic control function of auxiliary pump, regular switching function and other control functions are available.
In addition, this can be used as a multifunctional relay output function.
All SBT models
SHF-55K or lower
SPF-75K or lower
Current output board SAS The output frequency of the inverter can be output by 4 to 20 mA current value. SAMCO-vm05
All models
Digital input board SDI The frequency setting of the inverter can be performed very accurately with the external 4 digits BCD or 16 bit binary digital signal input. SAMCO-vm05
All models
PC transfer program
for upgrade
FMTP This application software upgrades the control program of the inverter using an external PC. SAMCO-vm05
All models
(Not for sale)
For details,
ask the distributor.

The inverter can mount 2 optional boards simultaneously. (Install first optional board to slot 1 on the basic inverter. Install second optional board to slot 2 on the first optional board mounted on slot 1.)
The 2 optional boards can be installed simultaneously provided that a combination of optional boards is available. The combination list is as follows.

Optional card combination compatibility

Slot 2 Slot 1 Not Mounted SB-PG SWS SAS SDI
Not Mounted - Ο Ο Ο Ο
SB-PG - × × × ×
SWS - × × × ×
SAS - Ο Ο × Ο
SDI - × × × ×

Ο: Simultaneous mounting possible × : Simultaneous mounting not possible

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