Sanken General-Purpose Inverters -- Tough, Powerful and High Performance

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Sanken Electric offers the best solutions to increasingly diverse needs, ranging from harsh environments to energy conservation.

The use of general-purpose inverters has increased remarkably as demand for the adjustable speed systems in which they are used expands to meet industry needs for higher automation and labor efficiency and lower energy consumption. Moreover, as technologies become more advanced, the applications for general-purpose inverters are spreading into consumer markets such as healthcare and medical equipment, games, and lifestyle and environment related products.

As new markets open up, the demands made of general-purpose inverters are changing. To satisfy these demands, Sanken released the vm05 Series equipped with unique functions not provided by conventional general-purpose inverters, and has now added the SVC06 Series, which enables torque control, to its general-purpose inverter lineup.

Sanken's SAMCO Series lineup

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