SVC06 Series

Communication Function Specification

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Electrical characteristics RS485 communication
Communication protocol SANKEN protocol Modbus-RTU communication protocol
Communication type 4-wire / 2-wire bus type (RS485 standard)
Transmission distance Total 500m, terminal resistor is required
Number of units connected Max. 32 Max. 247 *Note
Connection cable Shielded twisted-pair cable recommended
Communication type Full-duplex / Half-duplex
Communication speed [bps] 57600/38400/19200/9600/4800/2400/1200 selectable
Synchronization Asynchronous start/stop
Data format ASCII code or BINARY BINARY
Data length 8bit
Stop bit length 1bit or 2bit selectable
Parity check Yes (odd, even), No, Selectable
Error check SUM check CRC code check
Message end code ASCII CR+LF/CR selectable No
  • *Note: A relay is required when exceeding 32
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