SVC06 Series

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Our next-generation general-purpose inverter inherits Sanken's long-established functionality and operability while providing a new vector control feature to improve performance.

In this inverter, we combine our most advanced technologies to provide vector control that enables direct control of torque. The SVC06 Series also improves the speed and position control performance, thereby broadening its application range.

The enhanced performance combined with Sanken's fine-tuned functionality will provide you with a level of productivity never seen before.

1. High-performance vector control
Provides enhanced controllability and a higher speed and position control performance than conventional models.
Enables torque to be controlled directly, making the inverter ideal for applications that require higher precision torque control.
Provides speed sensorless control to improve performance by implementing estimation processing to estimate the flux and speed based on a new theory.
2. Excellent operability and wide-ranging communication features
Operability improved by the use of an operation panel featuring a large screen LCD, dial keys, and high-luminance LEDs.
The LCD supports Japanese, Chinese, and English.
A wide range of communication features is available. RS-485 is equipped as the serial communication interface. Modbus communication features are also supported as standard.
3. Dual-rated specifications for cost reduction
A mode as for general industry (heavy overload tolerance: 150%, one minute)
B mode as for light loads such as fans and pumps (light overload tolerance: 120%, one minute)
4. Control algorithms provided for various types of applications
Fixed-time inching (effective for circular knitting machines)
V/f separation that enables the inverter's output frequency and output voltage to be set independently (effective for torque motors)
5. EMC measures
Built-in EMC noise filter
6. Uses long-life capacitors
10-year long-life cooling fan and electrolytic capacitor
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