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Sanken DC power supplies support today's information and communication activities.

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As communications networks expand, high-quality, high-precision DC power supplies are becoming an indispensable power source for communications equipment and switchboards used at mobile communication base stations. Sanken applies its long-standing technical expertise in regulated DC power supplies to provide high-quality DC power supplies to power generation and transmission plants, plant control facilities, satellite ground stations, traffic monitoring systems, disaster prevention radio systems, and other public services. Sanken's latest switching DC power supply series is acclaimed as having the industry's most space-saving design thanks to its highly efficiency circuitry. In addition, the input harmonics current responsible for power loss is minimized. Energy-saving switching DC power supplies are expected to play a leading role in the multimedia era ahead.

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· Input harmonics current has been dramatically suppressed through the use of a soft switching system with the PFC (power factor control).
· High efficiency (92.5%) and high power factor (1.0) achieved with the introduction of new converter circuitry and IGBT devices.
· Space-saving, lightweight design (30% reduction in volume, 25% reduction in weight from previous models).
· VCCI Class 1-compliant low-noise design.
· Plug-in modular design enables expandable output capacity based on load and greatly simplifies maintenance.

*Thyristor- and FR-type DC power supplies are also available.


· Base stations for mobile radio communications
· Packet switches
· Multimedia multiplexing equipment
· Dealing systems
· Power plants and gas supply facilities
· Instrumentation control for oil, steel and chemical plants
· Disaster prevention radio systems
· DBS ground stations
· Digital PBX
· Switches for communications equipment
· Power safeguard communication systems
· Filtration plants
· Train ATS
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