SED Series

SED Series

Switching AC adapters incorporating
Sanken Electric's IC and power supply technologies

Our low power consumption IC and power control technologies have realized exceptionally low standby power consumption and the highest level of efficiency in the industry.

Our AC adapters are fully compliant with the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy in Japan, as well as any other regulations related to energy saving , and are ideally suited for OA equipment and laptop PCs.


  • High-capacity switching AC adapters in compact package
  • Universal input for worldwide support
  • Support peak current 1.2 to 1.3 times the rated power
  • Conform to various global regulations: c-UL (UL60950-1), Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act (Clause 2 of Ministerial Ordinance J60950)


  • Laptop PCs
  • Office equipment and information terminals
  • Portable measuring instruments, small-size printers, small-size mobile devices, etc.

General Specifications

SED Series

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  SED80N2-12.0 SED80N2-16.0 SED80N2-19.0 SED80N2-24.0
SED80N3-16.0 SED80N3-24.0
Rated input voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Input voltage range 90 to 264 VAC
Input current*1 1.5 A or less
No-load power 0.5 W or less (at input voltage of 100 V)
Inrush current*1 100 A or less (at cold start)
Leakage current 120 uA max.
Output power
45 W/60 W 60 W/75 W 64 W/80 W 64 W/80 W
Rated output voltage 12.0 V 16.0 V 19.0 V 24.0 V
Rated output current 3.75A 3.75A 3.37A 2.65A
Output current range*3 0 to 5.0 A 0 to 4.38 A 0 to 4.20 A 0 to 3.33 A
Efficiency*1 (typ.) 84% 85% 86% 86%
Output ripple noise 350 mVp-p
Protection features Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overheat protection
Safety standards c-UL (UL60950-1), Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act (Clause 2 of Ministerial Ordinance J60950)
EMI VCCI, FCC, EN55022 Class B
Dimensions (mm) 50.5(W) x 28(H) x 114.5(D)
Technical data
Promotion sheet
  1. For rated I/O and an ambient temperature of 25℃
  2. Includes static I/O variations, ambient temperature variations, and time drift.
    Output characteristics are measured with a 47 uF capactior inserted 10 cm from the connector of the output cable tip.
  3. At an ambient temperature of 25℃. The average output power must not exceed the rated output power.

Output plug

The DC plug shape depends on the output voltage. Contact Sanken for details.

  12.0 V 16.0 V 19.0 V 24.0 V
DC plug EIAJ RC-5320A
Voltage classification 4
Voltage classification 5
OD: f5.5
ID: f2.5
OD: f5.5
ID: f2.1
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