AC Adapters

Sanken's Low Noise, Small and Light, yet High Efficiency - Resonant-Mode AC Adapter.

Mobile electronic equipment, typified by notebook PCs, is becoming increasingly popular today.
Sanken developed the industry's first ever Soft-switching Multi-resonant Zero-cross (SMZ) resonant-mode circuit, which has enabled the creation of high efficiency, yet compact and light, low noise AC adapters.
Furthermore, Sanken has combined technologies from the semi-conductor, power device and transformer industries with our own unique power supply technology, and optimized circuit and component technologies in the development of Sanken's proprietary resonant-mode power ICs and transformers.
Compliance with various safety standards and EMI (noise) standards as well as universal input voltage compatibility enables Sanken devices to be used throughout the world.


Name of series Input Voltage Output Power Output Voltage
ADP series AC90~264V 35/45/60W DC12~24V
SZA series AC90~264V 56W DC16V
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