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Sanken Develops Industry-First Semi-Custom Power Supply with Reconfigurable Output Voltage
C Series
Features high efficiency and low noise and complies with medical equipment safety standards

July 5, 2012

Sanken today announced the development of the C series (model name: C650), a semi-custom power supply with an output power of 650 W. The power supply is used together with removable DC cell modules, introducing the innovative concept of enabling the output power to be selected freely. Users can also reconfigure the power supply to suit their systems after installation.

Samples of the new power supply started shipping in July 2012, with mass production scheduled to commence in September.

The power supply units will be priced from JPY 45,500 (see the table below for detailed pricing). Sanken forecasts annual sales in the range of 20,000 units.

Sanken also plans to augment the C series lineup with 300 W and 450 W products, which are scheduled to go on sale in November this year.

Lineup and Standard Price List (excluding tax)

(1) Main unit (output power: 650 W): JPY 22,000
(2) DC cell module

Output power Output voltage Price per module
50 W product 5 types: 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V JPY 3,500
150 W product JPY 5,500
75 W product 2 types (multi-output): ±12 V, ±15 V JPY 4,000

Example: Main unit (output power: 650 W): JPY 22,000 +
DC cell module [(output power 150 W: JPY 5,500) x 3] + [(output power 50 W: JPY 3,500) x 2]

1. Development Background and Product Overview

The number of ICs and microcontrollers used today in computers and communications devices used for industrial and medical applications is increasing as this equipment becomes more sophisticated and multifunctional. Power supplies are now required to provide a range of output voltages such as 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V. This means that customersf needs are no longer being met by standard power supplies whose output voltage is preset and unchangeable.

On the other hand, customizing power supplies to meet the voltage requirements of individual systems is not only costly, but also time consuming. This has led to the use of semi-custom power supplies in which the customer specifies the output voltage combinations they require before installation.

Industrial and medical equipment, however, is often changed as facilities and systems are expanded, updated, or streamlined due to the need for cost reductions. Changes in equipment lead to changes in each devicefs power supply specifications. However, if users take it upon themselves to change the power supply, it might lead to dangerous situations such as the power supply generating a dangerously high voltage (*1). Users might also be required to reapply for safety certifications, and in the worst case, have to replace the entire power supply system. This of course leads to a significant rise in costs.

Calls from medical institutions for a single power supply that can meet medical safety standards without requiring the use of a large-scale commercial isolating transformer are also increasing.

Sanken has therefore developed the C series, a semi-custom power supply that allows users to reconfigure their systems after installation. Based on an entirely new concept, the C series is used together with removable DC output blocks (DC cell modules). Single-stage DC/DC converters are added to the connectors of the main AC power supply unit where the DC cell modules are inserted. Sankenfs original SELV (*2) circuits are used at the outputs of these converters. By freely adding or exchanging DC cell modules with different output voltages, users are able to obtain the required power specifications.

In spite of the added DC/DC converters, the C series still costs 20% less than previous products thanks to Sankenfs circuit optimization and intelligent component selection.

The C series also features a leakage current rating that is one of the lowest in the industry. The result is that for the first time in industry history, Sanken has created a semi-custom power supply that complies with the safety standards of both information processing equipment and medical equipment (*3).

This generally means a voltage that exceeds the SELV (*2). In conventional power supplies, the SELV specification is DC 380 V between the PFC circuit and the DC/DC converter circuit.
Safety Extra Low Voltage. As defined by the IEC 60364-4 safety standard, a SELV circuit must provide protection against direct contact if the alternating current in an unearthed circuit exceeds 25 V and the direct current exceeds 60 V.
Previously, in order to satisfy the low-leakage current standard for medical equipment, the capacitance of the Y capacitor used in the power supply for information processing equipment had to be changed, necessitating the preparation of a separate power supply.

2. Major applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, semiconductor testing equipment, chip mounters, circuit testers
  • Factory automation control devices, robots and other industrial machines
  • Printers, disk drivers and ATMs
  • Analysis equipment such as X-ray analysis and specimen analysis machines
  • Medical diagnostic equipment such as CT scanners, MRI scanners, and ultrasound equipment

3. Features

1. Output voltage can be reconfigured freely by the user

Sanken offers DC cell modules with a wide range of output voltages. Up to 5 cells can be combined to create the desired configuration. The power supply also features low voltage power feeding (DC 21 V, SELV specifications), allowing users to safely replace cells* after installation.
*Hot swapping is not supported.

2. Leakage current of no more than 0.5 mA

The use of Sankenfs original resonant current converters enables low noise and a low leakage current. The safety standards for information processing equipment and medical equipment can now be satisfied by a single power supply for the first time ever.

3. Industry top efficiency

Soft switching and synchronous rectification are used to realize one of the highest levels of efficiency in the industry (main unit: 93%, DC/DC block: up to 95%).

4. Compact and lightweight

The casing is only 127 mm wide, 279 mm high*, and 63.5 mm thick.
The DC cell modules use a 4-layer substrate enabling high-density mounting (2 W/cc).
*The height does not include the 15.1 mm terminal block.

5. Complies with a range of safety standards

UL60950-1, UL60601-1, EN60950-1, EN60601-1, and C-UL

6. Complies with a range of noise standards

FCC-B, VCCI-B, CISPR22-B, and EN55022-B

7. Provides various protection features

  • Output overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection
  • Remote sensing
  • Remote power on and off
  • Alarm output
  • Output voltage adjustment volume

Reference materials

- Standard specifications of main unit -

Parameter Specification
Input Rated input voltage AC 100 V/AC 240 V
Input voltage range AC 85 V to AC 132 V/AC 180 V to AC 264 V
Power factor 95% min
Efficiency 89% typ/93% typ
Output Rated voltage DC 21 V
Voltage accuracy ±5%
Rated current 32 A/35 A
Other Leakage current 0.3 mA max/0.5 mA max
Insulation breakdown voltage 4 kV between 1st and 2nd phases
Safety standards Complies with UL60950-1, CSAN060950-1(C-UL), EN60950-1(TÜ V), UL60601-1, CSAN060601-1(U-UL), and EN60601-1(TÜ V)
Dimensions 127 mm x 279 mm x 63.5 mm
EMC Complies with FCC-B, VCCI-B, CISPR22-B, and EN55022-B
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C (however, temperature derating occurs at 50°C or higher)

Power supply specifications of DC cell modules

(50 W)

Product name C050S03 C050S05 C050S12 C050S15 C050S24
Rated output voltage*1 +3.3 V +5 V +12 V +15 V +24 V
Rated output current 10 A 10 A 5 A 4 A 2.5 A
Rated output power 33 W 50 W 60 W 60 W 60 W
Efficiency 87% (typ) 87% (typ) 92% (typ) 92% (typ) 95% (typ)
Output ripple noise 160 mVp-p 160 mVp-p 180 mVp-p 180 mVp-p 180 mVp-p
Rated voltage accuracy ±3% ±5%

(150 W)

Product name C150S03 C150S05 C150S12 C150S15 C150S24
Rated output voltage*1 +3.3 V +5 V +12 V +15 V +24 V
Rated output current 26 A 26 A 13 A 10 A 6.5 A
Rated output power 85.8 W 130 W 156 W 150 W 156 W
Efficiency 89% (typ) 89% (typ) 92% (typ) 92% (typ) 95% (typ)
Output ripple noise 160 mVp-p 160 mVp-p 180 mVp-p 180 mVp-p 180 mVp-p
Rated voltage accuracy ±3% ±5%

*1. The output voltage can be finely adjusted by using the volume.