August 23, 2010

Sanken Develops Server Power Supply with 94% Efficiency
First power supply to receive 80 PLUS Platinum level certification in Japan
with a complete set of features such as parallel redundancy and hot swapping

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. today announced the development of a server power supply with an efficiency of 94% (*), which is the highest in the industry for its output power class (600 W). The new power supply will ship from January 2011 at a recommended unit price of JPY 50,000 (including tax). Sanken estimates it will ship 5,000 units in the remainder of fiscal 2010 and 50,000 units in fiscal 2011.
(*) At a 50% load with an input power of 230 V. (This condition also applies below.)
1. Development background and product overview
  As society continues to look for solutions to the problem of global warming, green IT has become the focus of attention. Green IT involves reducing the energy consumption of IT equipment and systems used in data centers in order to make data centers more resource efficient. The key to achieving this is reducing the power consumption of the data center's servers.

The way we store servers has changed. Servers that used to be mounted individually on the floor are now mounted in racks (with multiple servers stored in a single rack), or in a blade configuration (with multiple thin removable servers stored in a single case). Regardless of how the servers are stored, however, the drive for higher densities and higher integration to improve functionality has pushed up power consumption levels. Server manufacturers are attempting to combat this by incorporating CPUs and hard disk drives that consume less power in their servers.

Understanding the need to reduce server power consumption, Sanken has developed a server power supply that delivers a conversion efficiency of 94%, which is the highest level in the industry (and the first time such a level has been achieved in Japan*1) for a power supply with an output power level of 600 W. This high conversion efficiency was achieved by using a new controller developed by Sanken (patent pending) in the main circuits of the power supply (the PFC block and the DC/DC block). The new, efficient power supply has obtained the highest grade (Platinum) in the international 80 PLUS*2 program used to certify the efficiency of power supplies. This is the first time a power supply developed by a Japanese company has achieved a Platinum grade*1.

With dimensions of 110 mm (w) x 40 mm (h) x 315 mm (l), Sanken's new power supply is small and thin enough to be mounted in a 1U-sized server (475 mm (w) 45 mm (h) x 540 mm (l)). The new power supply also provides server-essential features such as parallel redundancy and hot swapping, enabling the configuration of a highly reliable server system.

*1. Based on comparisons made by Sanken.
*2. The 80 PLUS program ( was established to promote more energy efficient power supplies. It certifies the conversion efficiency of power supplies at 20%, 50% and 100% of the rated load, assigning grades of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
% Load Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Efficiency at 20% load 81% 85% 88% 90%
Efficiency at 50% load 85% 89% 92% 94%
Efficiency at 100% load 81% 85% 88% 91%
2. Features
  (1) Wide input, large output
- Input: AC 85 to 264 V
- Output: 600 W (12 V, 50 A)
(2) Small and thin: ideal for 1U-sized servers
- 110 mm (w) x 40 mm (h) x 315 mm (l)
(3) Low heat generating
- Incorporates forced air cooling fan
(4) High reliability
- Parallel redundancy (can run n + 1 units)
- Hot swapping
(5)  High efficiency (93% or higher with input of 230 V and 100% load; 94% or higher with 50% load)
- PFC block (bridgeless rectifier, interleave control, AC synchronously rectified)
- DC/DC block (interleaved current resonance, synchronous rectification)
(6) Small and lightweight
- Much smaller heat dissipating fin
- Finless DC/DC block
- Smaller mounting area and easier to manufacture (70% smaller than previous product)
(7) Low cost
- Uses no expensive components. New controller boosts efficiency.
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