September 24, 2008

Sanken Develops Low Standby Power Switching Power Supply IC
STR-A6000 Series
Realizing Industry-Top Low Power Consumption of 25 mW with No Load Contributes to standby power reduction for FPD-TV or air conditioner

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. today announced the successful development of the STR-A6000 Series, a new small capacity switching power supply IC that features an industry-top low power consumption of 25 mW with no load.
Mass production shipments are planned to begin in October 2008, and start with a monthly production of 500,000 units. Monthly production is expected to ramp up to 3,000,000 units from October 2009 (sample price : 250 yen).
1. Development Background and Product Overview
  Consumers demand that electronic devices in today’s homes and offices be more efficient and consume less power. For devices that operate via a remote controller, this is true not only during operation, but also when the device is set to standby mode.

Sanken has long been providing small capacity switching power ICs that feature power consumption of 100 mW or less with no load and consume minimal power during standby.
Now, Sanken can add the STR-A6000 Series to this lineup, a switching power IC that reduces no load power consumption to 25 mW—a quarter of the level of previous ICs.

With the STR-A6000 Series, Sanken has utilized its low power technologies to provide conventional functions such as auto burst standby (*) and a built-in startup circuit. At the same time Sanken has been able to achieve a no load power consumption rating that matches the best in the industry by redesigning the controller to lower the circuit current. Other new features include a bias assist function that improves the startup response when the device power supply voltage drops, and functions added to the protection circuit such as overcurrent protection with the AC input voltage compensation function and Brown-in/Brown-out protection.
These functions are all built into the STR-A6000 Series chip, reducing the number of external components and contributing to lower costs by enabling a more compact switching power supply.
* Auto burst standby function
The Automatic Standby mode is activated at light loads and performs intermittent oscillation.
With light load conditions, operating in intermittent oscillation reduces switching loss and improves SMPS efficiency.
2. Features
(1) Built-in auto burst standby function, built-in startup circuit eliminating need for starting resistor, and low controller circuit current reducing power consumption with no load to about 25 mW.
(2) Random switching operation used to reduce EMI noise, enabling simplification of EMI filter.

Suppression of audible noise during auto burst standby function

(4) Built-in bias assist function that supplies startup current when the device power supply voltage drops, and improves the device’s startup response.
(5) Built-in slope compensation circuit for avoiding subharmonic oscillation
(6) Various built-in protection functions:
• Overcurrent protection (OCP) with built-in input voltage compensation → Reduces the dependency of the AC input voltage
• Overload protection (OLP) → reduces overheating during overload without external components
• Overvoltage (OVP) and thermal shutdown (TSD) protection
• High-speed latch release function → After OVP/TSD latch operation, releases the latch immediately after switching off the AC supply
• Brown-in/Brown-out protection → Protects power supply at low AC input voltages

Standard 8-pin DIP package (DIP8, Dimensions of resin part: 9.4 × 6.5 × 3.4 mm)

3. Applications
  • Standby power supplies : LCD-TVs, PDP-TVs, audio amplifiers, personal computers, monitors
• Power supplies : DVD/CD players
• Auxiliary power supplies : air conditioners
• AC adapters : mobile phones, games
4.  Lineup
Part Number Fosc MOSFET Pout
(kHz) VDSS(V) RDS(ON)(Ω) 230V/85 to 264V
STR-A6051M 67 650 3.95 16W/12W
STR-A6052M 67 650 2.8 20W/16W
STR-A6053M 67 650 1.9 24W/20W
STR-A6059H 100 650 6.0 14W/9W
STR-A6079M 67 800 19.2 8W/5W
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