February 27, 2007

Realizing High Efficiency (85% min) and Energy Saving (Input Power: 0.1W max)
STR-Y6400 Series - Quasi Resonant Type Power Supply IC -
Ideal for digital appliances such as FPD-TVs and DVD devices.

Sanken Electric has developed the STR-Y6400 Series of compact and highly efficient quasi resonant type power supply ICs with a built-in power MOS FET. The new series (Package: TO-220. Four types per input voltage and output power) is optimal for a variety of digital home appliances such as Flat Panel Display (FPD) TVs (LCD TVs, PDP TVs, etc.) and DVD devices.
Sample shipment will be started on March 1 (Unit price: 900JPY to 1,200JPY). Mass production shipment will be launched in July CY07 starting with 100k pcs/month, then ramping up to 700k pcs/month from mid-CY08.

Also included in the lineup are two models in the STR-L6400 Series of power supply ICs, which come in a low profile SIP package ideal for air conditioners and other white goods.
STR-Y6400 Series
1. Development Background and Product Overview

Recently, as energy saving is required for digital appliances and white goods, major countries such as the United States and the European Union* have implemented various regulations on the efficiencies of the power supplies used in these devices and thus the demands for high efficiency and energy saving on these power supplies are also increasing year after year. On the other hand, however, especially in the booming FPD TV market, with the retail price reduction, the cost-reduction demands have been further increasing on the power supply systems from the customers.
In response to these demands, Sanken Electric has developed the STR-Y6400 Series which, by employing a well-established low-noise quasi resonant method and also a multi-mode control function that allows to perform the optimal power supply operations over the entire range of the loads per the load conditions (light or heavy load), realizes the high efficiency (85% or higher, averaged over the entire load range) and the low power consumption by reducing the input power to 0.1W or lower at no load, allowing to integrate a previously separated standby power supply into a main power supply system, and thus realizes the cost reduction of the whole power supply system.

In addition, the new series includes an auto standby mode function that enables the power supply mode to be switched without the use of external signals, and also includes a built-in startup circuit. Additionally, the STR-Y6400 Series utilizes a new package that increases the number of control pins and incorporates several discrete parts in a package, delivering a 75% reduction in the discrete part counts of the external circuits (compared with existing Sanken’s STR-W6700 Series). All of these contribute to realize the downsized and cost-reduced power supply systems.

*U.S.A: New Energy Star, European Union: EU Code of Conduct, China: CECP, etc.

2. Applications
(1) AV equipment, digital appliances: FPD TVs (LCD TVs, PDP TVs), DVD players/recorders, audio equipment, etc.
(2) White goods: Air conditioners (in-room and external devices), refrigerators, water heaters, etc.
3. Features
(1) High efficiency (85% or higher) by a multi-mode control function
The multi-mode control function changes the oscillation frequency in accordance with the load conditions, allowing optimal power supply operations over the entire load range—from a light load to a heavy load. Thus it realizes the efficiency of 85% or higher over the entire load range (averaged at the loads of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%), and also realizes to reduce the input power to 0.1 W or lower at no load.
(2) Auto standby mode function
The built-in auto standby mode function eliminates the need for a dedicated external circuit (for external signals).
(3) Transformer magnetostrictive hum (ringing sound) suppression function
The STR-Y6400 Series provides a built-in function for suppressing the magnetostrictive hum emitted by the transformer during standby and at sudden load changes -- Industry's First. This function is ideal for LCD TVs using CCFL inverters that change the loads suddenly by PWM dimming.
(4)  Built-in startup circuit
A built-in startup circuit is employed to activate the IC from standby mode. It eliminates the need for external parts, resulting in the reduction of power consumption during standby.
(5) Versatile protection functions
Overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection, Overload protection, Soft start, External on/off, etc.
(6) Overload protection settable with external components
Auto restart and latch mode can be set externally -- Industry's First.
(7) Low-profile STR-L6400 Series employing a low profile SIP package also available (2 types)
4. Lineup
Part Number Sample
Series ON
POUT (W) Output
Power (W)

100 V

230 V

STR-Y6453 ¥900 650 1.7 60 - -
STR-Y6456 ¥1,200 650 0.73 110 - -
STR-Y6473 ¥900 850 3.6 - 60 35
STR-Y6476 ¥1,200 850 1.3 - 110 70
STR-L6453 ¥900 650 1.7 25 40 25
STR-L6473 ¥900 850 3.6 20 30 20
5. Appearance
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