May 9, 2006

Notice of Revision of Estimated Year-End Dividends
for the Fiscal Year Ended March 2005 (the 89th Fiscal Period)
and Payment of Commemorative Dividends

Sanken Electric Co. Ltd. ("the Company") announced today that its Board of Directors today authorized that the estimated year-end per-share dividends should be revised and that the Board approved to pay special dividends to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Company.

1. Reasons for the revision (increase) and the payment of commemorative dividends.
Based on steady business performance and improved profitability, the Company decided to increase its year-end dividends by two yen per share, paying seven yen per share, in response to the continued support from our shareholders. Furthermore, in celebration of the 60th anniversary this coming September, the Company adds three yen per share of commemorative special dividends, so that the total period-end dividends will be revised to ten yen per share. The Company proposes this revision as part of the agenda for its 89th annual general meeting of shareholders, scheduled on June 23, 2006.
2. Details of the revisions of estimated per-share year-end dividends for fiscal year ended March 2006. (started April 1, 2005 and ended March 31, 2006)
  Previous estimate
(November 7, 2005)
Current revision Previous year
(March 2005)
Interim dividend 5.00 yen 5.00 yen 5.00 yen
Year-end dividend 5.00 yen Ordinary: 7.00 yen
Commemorative: 3.00 yen
5.00 yen
Annual dividend 10.00 yen 15.00 yen 10.00 yen
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