January 31, 2005

"SMA6800M Series" IPM for Inverter Control of Small-capacity Motors
About one third mounting area by high integrated multichip mounting tecnology

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the IPM "SMA6800M Series" (three products with breakdown voltage/output current: 250V/2A, 500V/1.5A, 500V/2.5A) and starts its mass production in February. This is optimal for driving fan motors of home appliances, which are increasingly equipped with inverters.
The initial monthly production is 50,000 and will be ramping up by 300,000 in the next fiscal year. The sample price is 600 Yen for SMA 6801MS (250V/2A), 700 Yen for SMA6802MS (500V1.5A), and 900 Yen for SMA6803M (500V/2.5A).

Note: IPM (Intelligent Power Module)
This module is configured with multiple chips such as a power device, drive circuit for driving the power device, and protection circuit. With the self-diagnosis function for the operation, the module can be directly driven by the microcomputer. Since the IPM is not built in one chip unlike the IPD (Intelligent Power Device), various power elements can be integrated in this module, and circuit blocks such as inverter circuits can be modularized.

1.  Development Background and Product Overview
In recent years, the use of inverters for driving the fan motors has been prevailing for energy and power savings in home appliances such as air-conditioners and refrigerators. With overwhelming demand to downsize inverters, lower costs and downsizing of the components are strongly required.
So far, Sanken has been realizing the inverter control by combining three control ICs (one predrive HV/LV-IC, and two MOS FETs). Now, Sanken has realized to integrate these ICs into one package by combining the highly integrated multichip technology and a new 23-pin frame.
Thus, IPM "SMA6800M Series" is developed mainly for the inverter control of small-capacity motors including fan motors.
"SMA package" used for "SMA6800M Series" is our standard compact SIP package, whose resin part is as small as 31mm(W) x 4mm(D) x 10.2mm(H). This realizes such high-density mounting as one-third mounting area compared to our previous product.
2.  Features
  · Integration of six MOS FETs for three-phase bridge and predrive ICs (HVIC, LVIC) into one package
  · Nonnecessity of multiple powers or insulation photocoupler thanks to adoption of a high side drive by bootstrap system
  · Built-in protection circuit for a control-power drop (Self-return)
  · Built-in overheat detection circuit (Non-stop of the IC operation)
  · Built-in fail-signal output function (when the overheat detection circuit is activated)
3.  Lineup

Part Number MOS FET Rating Main Application Remarks
SMA6801MS 250V/2A Fan motor drive For AC100V Input
SMA6802MS 500V/1.5A Fan motor drive For AC200V Input
SMA6803M 500V/2.5A Fan motor drive For AC200V Input
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