October 18, 2012

Sanken Develops 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver IC
Realizes output current of 2 A in small 6 mm x 6 mm package


Sanken Electric Co., Ltd., announced today the development of the SI-6633M, a new 3-phase brushless DC motor driver IC. The new IC features an output current of 2 A and integrates output elements including an output MOSFET in a compact 6 mm x 6 mm surface mounting package that is 60% smaller than previous Sanken ICs. Samples of the SI-6633M are now being shipped at a price of 300 yen per unit (tax excluded). Mass-produced units are scheduled to be available from November 2012. The SI-6633M will initially be produced on a scale of 50,000 units/month, to be expanded to 500,000 units/month by April 2014.


1. Development Background and Product Overview


Three-phase brushless DC motors are being increasingly used in a wide variety of equipment such as electric fans, copiers and electric power tools. Whether the ICs that drive these motors are incorporated in the motor or not, they must be small because many motors are used in each piece of equipment.

Keeping ICs small requires the suppression of heat. To suppress the heat, the power dissipation must be reduced. In general, this means lowering the output MOSFET on-resistance. However, these measures have led to larger chip sizes, and by extension, a larger surface mounting area.

Now, however, Sanken has developed a chip microfabrication technology that reduces the chip size while lowering the output MOSFET on-resistance (to 0.2Ω: half the resistance of previous MOSFETs used by Sanken), reducing the power dissipation, and suppressing heat generation. The result is the SI-6633M, a new 3-phase brushless motor driver IC that realizes an output current of 2 A in a compact surface mounting package (QFN36: 6 mm x 6 mm) that is 60% smaller than previous Sanken ICs.

The SI-6633M also features a range of protection circuits such as an overcurrent protection circuit, overheat protection circuit, undervoltage lockout circuit, and motor lock detector, contributing to higher equipment reliability.

An IC of the same size that does not include an output MOSFET, the SI-6633C, is also available. Attaching a MOSFET with a large capacitance to this IC enables support of an output current of up to 15 A.


2. Features


(1) Small surface mounting package

QFN36 pin package (Resin dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 x 0.9 mm).
The surface mounting area is 60% smaller than previous Sanken ICs.

(2) Low power dissipation

The power dissipation has been reduced by halving the on-resistance of the output MOSFET (down to 2.0 Ω from the previous 4.0 Ω).

(3) On-chip Hall amplifier

A Hall amplifier is incorporated on the chip, enabling support of input from a Hall element. A rotation signal output pin (FG) is also incorporated to output the Hall element input status.

(4) Incorporation of various protection circuits outputting fail signals during operation

  • Overcurrent protection circuit
  • Overvoltage protection circuit
  • Overheat protection circuit
  • Low-input-voltage protection circuit
  • Motor lock detector

3. Applications


Motors of equipment that uses 3-phase brushless DC motors, such as electric fan motors, traveling motors of automatic vacuum cleaners, fan motors of washer/driers, paper-feed and drum motors of copiers, drive motors of industrial robots, and power tool motors


4. Specifications Overview

Parameter SymbolRatingUnit
Main power supply voltage VBB 38V
Output current Io ±2.0 (peak: ±4.0)A
Output MOSFET on-resistance RDS(ON) 0.2 typ.
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