May 27, 2010

Modularized Components of Power Supply Circuit by Full Mold
Ultra Small and Slim Module Power Supply
Design-free, Safety Standard-free
Easy to Construct 200W Power Supply

1. Product Overview
The power supplies in television or office automation equipment incorporate power factor correction circuit, DC/DC converter circuit and standby power supply circuit. These circuits are composed of many components such as ICs, transistors, diodes, transformers, coils and others.

Sanken has developed three on-board module products (PFC module, DC/DC converter module, standby module) that those components are full molded into one package in each circuit.

This module power supply is full molded by applying proven multichip implementation technology, and its structure is the world's first among the module power supplies in this area (according to our investigation).

Reduction in size, thickness and weight is achieved by this module power supply (reducing the area to half, the thickness to one-third, and the weigh to half, compared to traditional power supply board). It also reduces the development period and design resource. Moreover, this module power supply that integrates many electronic components to structure the power supply reduces the resource and cost for procurement, logistics and management.

The sample price is ¥7000 (PFC module), ¥9000 (DC/DC converter module) and ¥4000 (standby module), respectively. The mass production shipment is scheduled to start in October 2010 with 20,000 units per month and ramp up to 100,000 units per month in April 2011.
2. Features * (1) to (5) are common features among three products.
  (1) Compact, Slim, Light
- PFC Module (resin dimension: 50×74×7.4mm, 80g)
- DC/DC Converter Module (resin dimension: 50×74×7.4mm, 85g)
- Standby Module (resin dimension: 50×36×7.4mm, 38g)
(2) Design-free
Transformers, coils, power MOSFETs, control circuits, and all the protection circuits are incorporated. The PFC circuit, insulated DC/DC converter circuit and the standby circuit that are the heart of power supply system are not required.
(3) Easy to Construct Power Supply System
Power supply system is constructible just by combining modules. It shortens the development period.
(4) Safety Standard-free
Safety standard is acquired for module power supply. It simplifies the application for safety standard by requiring no confirmation of safety standard for each component or circuit.
(5) Full Mold Package
It is the world's first structure among the module power supplies in this area (according to our investigation). Dust and moisture proof property is achieved, which is equivalent to that of resin-molded semiconductors.
(6) Standby Module Power Supply--- Low Power Consumption at Standby
Built-in automatic burst standby function and startup circuit which eliminates the need for startup resistors
- Industry leading low power consumption (around 25mW) at no load
(7) DC/DC Converter Module Power Supply--- Insulated, High Efficiency
High efficiency of around 93%
3.  Specifications
  ●PFC Module Power Supply (SP22H38ATA)
Parameter Ratings Unit
Input Voltage AC85 - 265 V
Output Voltag DC385 V
Output Current 0.58 A

●DC/DC Converter Module Power Supply (SD20M24ATA)
Parameter Ratings Unit
Input Voltage DC330 - 430 V
Output Voltag DC24 V
Output Current 8.4 A

●Standby Module Power Supply (SS10L33ATA)
Parameter Ratings Unit
Input Voltage DC100 - 410 V
Output Voltag DC3.3 V
Output Current 3.0 A
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