January 19, 2010

Sanken Launches LC5200 Series: High Voltage (450V) LED Driver ICs
Requiring No Step down Circuit and
Achieving Downsized LED Driving Circuit with Fewer Components

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the LC5200 series of LED driver ICs (two types: output current 0.5A <LC5205D>, 1.0A <LC5210D>)and started the sample shipment. Since the LC5200 series achieves the high voltage capability (450V), the input of commercial power supply voltage of 100V or 200V is possible without stepping down. As a result, no step down circuit is required and the downsized LED lighting driver circuit with fewer components is available. The sample price is ¥150 (LC5205D) and ¥200 (LC5210D), respectively. The mass production shipment is scheduled to start in February 2010 with 100,000 units per month and ramp up to 500,000 units per month in the spring of 2011.
1. Development Background and Product Overview
  In recent years, the LED lightings such as LED lamps and LED fluorescent lamps have attracted attention to the replacement of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.

Since these are installed in existing sockets, the compatibilities are required of base size, shape and others.

On the other hand, a rectification circuit for commercial power supply and a constant brightness control driver circuit are required for LED lightings because unlike incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED lightings cannot be lit by AC commercial power supply, and needs DC power supply.

In addition, as the operating voltage of many driver ICs used in the driver circuit is low and the voltage such as 100V or 200V cannot be applied directly, the voltage regulator stepping down the voltage to the driver IC such as 20V or 50V is necessary. As a result, the LED driving circuit tends to be larger with more components.

Considering the above, Sanken has developed the LC5200 series of LED driver ICs requiring no step down circuit, by achieving the high main power supply voltage (450V) of control IC manufactured in the high voltage BCD process. Furthermore, the LC5200 series incorporates the MOSFET that used to be added externally. That leads to components counts reduction and circuit downsizing.

For the LC5200 series, the circuit is composed on a small PCB that can be installed in the base part (E26 type) of typical incandescent lamps.
2. Features
●High Voltage Capability : 450Vmax
●Small Package : DIP8 (resin area: 9.4 × 6.5 × 3.4mm)
●Built-in MOSFET with Low ON Resistance : 3.5Ωtyp (LC5205D), 1.7Ωtyp (LC5210D)
●Protection Functions : Overcurrent Protection, Thermal Shutdown, Undervoltage Lockout
●Available for various applications with external circuits
·For drivers with no input electrolytic capacitor (the life of driver circuit is extended)
·For application circuits with improved power factor (the power factor is improved by adding a few components)
·For triac dimming application circuits (the dimming equipment already installed is switched to LED lightings)
3. Applications
  LED lightings (up to 20W class): LED Lamps, Down Lights, Ceiling Lights, Others
4. Specifications
Parameter Rating Unit
LC5205D LC5210D
Main Power Supply Voltage 450 V
Output Current 0.5 1.0 A
Output MOSFET ON Resistance 3.5typ 1.7typ Ω
Allowable Power Dissipation 1.73 W

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