June 22, 2009

Sanken Launches SI-8000Y Series Step-Down Switching Regulator IC
~ Delivers industry-leading output current of 8 A ~

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. announces the development of the SI-8000Y Series of step-down switching regulator ICs. The SI-8000Y Series comes in a compact package and can deliver an industry-leading output current of 8 A. The SI-8000Y Series is available in three models with different output voltages: a 5 V model, a 12 V model, and a model in which the output voltage can be adjusted between 1 V and 15 V. Samples of the SI-8000Y Series are available now, at a price of 600 yen per unit. Mass production is scheduled to begin in November this year at an initial scale of 100,000 units per month, to be ramped up to 500,000 units per month by 2010.
1. Development Background and Product Overview
  Products in today´s audio-visual and office equipment markets, such as flat-screen TVs and printers, are more sophisticated and multi-functional. By necessity, the microcontroller and memory chips built into these devices are becoming more advanced. More chips also need to be incorporated to realize the required functions. The increase in performance and number of built-in chips raises the current consumption of the device. The regulator ICs that are used to supply the power must therefore deliver higher output currents.

In response, Sanken has developed the SI-8000Y Series of step-down switching regulator ICs. These ICs have a withstand voltage of 43 V and can deliver an output current of 8A, the highest in the industry. Sanken has also used an optimized chip process to house the SI-8000Y Series in a compact, full-mold package (the 7-pin TO220F).

The SI-8000Y Series uses current mode control* to enable highly stable operation when the voltage fluctuates. This method also allows the output voltage smoothing capacitor and coil to be miniaturized, which reduces the cost of peripherals and the mounting area.

The SI-8000Y Series includes a model in which the output voltage can be adjusted from as low as 1 V, making it easy to set a voltage that matches the low voltages used by today´s microcontrollers and memory ICs.

* Current mode control: A method used to control output voltage fluctuations. With current mode control, the output voltage is stabilized by feeding back the voltage in the IC when the output current, as well as the output voltage, fluctuates. In terms of circuit configuration, current mode control enables excellent regulation characteristics and highly stable operation. For this reason, it is possible to use a small ceramic capacitor with a low resistance as the output smoothing capacitor. The capacitance of the output smoothing coil can also be reduced.
2. Features
·Output current : 8A
·Input voltage : 43V max. (supporting input from 24 V power supplies such as those used to run motors and solenoids)
·Built-in MOSFET with
 low on-resistance
: 88mΩ typ.
·High efficiency : 94% typ. (when using SI-8120Y at VIN = 30V, Vo = 12V, Io = 3A)
·Current mode control : Allows a ceramic capacitor to be used as the output capacitor.
·Protection functions : Drooping overcurrent protection, overheating protection, undervoltage lockout, overvoltage protection
·Built-in functions : Output on/off and soft start
·Compact package : 7-pin TO220F (resin dimensions: 10 × 17 × 4.2 mm)
3. Applications
  Audio-visual devices such as flat-screen televisions, office equipment such as printers, electronic games, and many more.
4.  Specifications
Parameter Rating Unit
SI-8010Y SI-8050Y SI-8120Y
Input voltage (max.) 43 V
Allowable power dissipation 20.8 W
Output current 8.0 A
Reference voltage 1.0 - - V
Output voltage 1 to 15 5.0 12.0 V
Efficiency (typ.) Depends on voltage 86 94 %
Operating frequency 130 kHz
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