May 26, 2009

Sanken Develops MGD623 Series IGBT for Induction Cooker Elements
Small package reduces mounting area on heatsink by 40%

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the MGD623 Series, an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) for induction cooker elements. The MGD623 features a withstand voltage of 600 V and a current of 50 A, and employs a small package (TO3P type), reducing mounting area on a heatsink by about 40% compared with the conventional package (TO3PL type). Samples of the MGD623 will be available in late May at a price of 500 yen per unit (excluding tax). Mass production is scheduled to start in June this year at an initial scale of 30,000 units per month, to be ramped up to 100,000 units per month by 2010.
1. Development Background and Product Overview
  With induction cooker elements, a high-frequency current generated by IGBTs flows in a coil, and the action of the generated magnetic field directly heats the cooking pot. Each element requires one circuit to generate the high-frequency current. Today's induction cookers have two or more induction elements, demanding more circuits per cooker. The mounting area available for the circuits, however, is limited, so smaller and lower-profile IGBTs are required.

IGBTs operate at a high speed on a large current, thus generating considerable heat. Dissipating this heat has conventionally required the use of a large package. In order to use a smaller package, the amount of heat generated has to be reduced while maintaining a fast operating speed. However, this requires a reduction in the saturation voltage*, which is difficult to achieve because of the trade-off relationship between saturation voltage and operating speed.

To solve this problem, Sanken has developed the MGD623 Series IGBT for induction cooker elements by using an original process technology that realizes both faster operation and lower saturation voltage. The MGD623 Series reduces the saturation voltage by about 30% while maintaining a fast operating speed. The balance of speed and saturation voltage can also be selected according to the actual operating status of the induction cooker element.

The MGD623 Series comes in a TOP3 package. This package requires about 40% less mounting area on a heatsink than the TO3PL package commonly used, thus contributing to a reduction in set size.

* Voltage loss (due to heating) in an IGBT when current flows in the IGBT
2. Features
(1) TO3P package (Resin dimensions: 16 × 20 × 5 mm)
Requires about 40% less area for mounting a heatsink than a TO3PL package (Resin dimensions: 20 × 26 × 5 mm)
(2) Lineup includes a standard type (MGD623N) that prioritizes saturation voltage reduction and a high-speed type (MGD623S) that prioritizes fast operating speed
MGD623N (Saturation voltage: 1.70 V, tf: 200 ns typ.)
MGD623S (Saturation voltage: 1.80 V, tf: 120 ns typ.)
The type can be selected according to operating status of the set.
(3) Built-in diode between collector and emitter
Low loss due to lower forward voltage (VF: 1.2V typ.)
3.  Specifications
Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
Collector to emitter voltage VCES 600 V
Collector current (DC) Ic 50 A
Collector to emitter
saturation voltage
VCE(sat) 1.70 typ. 1.80 typ. V
Switching fall time tf 200 typ. 120 typ. ns
Diode forward voltage VF 1.2 typ. V
Diode reverse recovery time trr 300 typ. ns
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