April 27, 2009

Sanken Develops SLA2600M Series Projector Lamp Lighting IC
~ Reduces Number of Lamp Lighting Circuit Components by 50% and Mounting Area by 30% ~

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the SLA2600M, a new series of ICs designed for use in projector lamp lighting circuits. The SLA2600M comes in one package containing a predriver IC and four MOSFETs, reducing the number of components in a lamp lighting circuit by 50% and the mounting area by 30% while maintaining lamp brightness. The SLA2600M series includes two models with a withstand voltage rating of 250 V and an output current rating of either 7 A or 14 A.
Samples of the SLA2600M will be available in early May at a price of 800 yen per unit (excluding tax). Mass production is scheduled to begin in autumn this year at an initial scale of 30,000 units per month, to be ramped up to 100,000 units per month by 2011.
1. Development Background and Product Overview
  Most of the projector lamps used today are ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps that require the application of an appropriate voltage to light up. These days, the circuit commonly used to apply this voltage is an AC driver that uses four MOSFETs.

However, as demands have grown for smaller-scale projectors, measures taken by set makers such as changing the mounting method are no longer sufficient. A reduction in the number of components is now required.

In response to these demands, Sanken has developed the SLA2600M series of projector lamp lighting ICs. These ICs reduce the number of lamp lighting circuit components-including peripheral components-by half and the mounting area by 30%. This has been achieved by incorporating an AC driver circuit consisting of a predriver IC and four MOSFETs in one package. The IC also includes an overheat protector, eliminating the need for an external temperature sensor (thermistor).

Because the SLA2600M series comes in one package, it reduces malfunction and damage caused by external noise. The IC also features many protection functions, including overheat protection as well as undervoltage lockout (UVLO) and a dead-time function to prevent through-current, contributing to an increase in device reliability.
2. Features
(1) Predriver IC and four MOSFETs incorporated in one SIP (known as an SLA package in Sanken terminology)
Resin dimensions: 31×16×5 mm
(2) Low loss
Achieved by using MOSFETs with a low on-resistance.
14 A output current model: 110 mΩ typ.
7 A output current model: 140 mΩ typ.
(3) Supports CMOS input levels (3.3 V, 5 V)
Signals can be input directly from CMOS devices with input voltage levels of 5 V or 3.3 V.
(4) Four MOSFETs controlled by two input signals
The built-in dead-time function for preventing through-current allows the MOSFETs to be controlled by using two simple input signals.
(5) Many protection functions
-Overheat protection
-Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
(Stops the system if the control-supply voltage is too low)
-Dead-time function to prevent through-current
FO pin with shutdown function
(The FO pin outputs a fail signal when a protection circuit operates. A shutdown signal can also be externally input.)
3.  Specifications Overview
Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
SLA2601M SLA2602M
MOSFET withstand voltage VDS 250 V
Output current Io 14 7 A
Peak output current Io(Peak) 28 14 A
Output MOSFET on-resistance RDS(ON) 110 140 mΩ (typ.)
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