December 11, 2008

Sanken Developed New Thyristors “TFA series” which Guaranteed both 150°C and 800V Withstand Voltage for the First Time in the Industry.
Achieve Approx. 20% Reduction of the Size of Heatsink and Facilitate Thermolysis Design.

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. today announced the successful development of the TFA Series thyristors with guaranteed junction temperature of 150°C and 800 V withstand voltage (an industry first*) and the commencement of sample shipments (total of 16 products featuring withstand voltage of 700 V or 800 V, average on-current of 3 to 10 A, and 2 types of packages).
The company had started shipping mass production units in the TO220F (full mold) package in December 2008 with initial production of 10,000 units/month, and units in the TO220 package will start shipping from April 2009, with monthly shipments estimated to reach a combined total of 100,000 units from October 2009.
The tax-excluded sample price is 300 yen for all units.
(*as of December 2008, based on Sanken survey)
1. Development Background and Product Overview
  Thyristors are used as one of the components of power supplies such as inrush current prevention circuits in the switching power supplies found mainly in electronic equipment, temperature regulators, and motors.

As electronic equipment becomes increasingly small and dense, heatsinks for dissipating heat must grow smaller, and likewise the equipment housing. Thyristors generate a lot of heat while operating, and elements are usually cooled down by providing a heatsink. As the size of the heatsink can be reduced by raising the guaranteed temperature of the part, which also contributes to lowering the total device cost, demand for higher guaranteed temperature is increasing.

Furthermore, as regions where the power supply voltage is 200 V, such as Europe and China, include areas with poor power supply conditions that are subjected to large voltage fluctuations, withstand voltage requirements for thyristors have been increasing to 800 V and higher.

In the case of thyristors, there is a tradeoff between the junction temperature and withstand voltage and it is difficult to achieve high levels for both parameters beyond a certain temperature level, and until now there were no thyristors that satisfied both conditions.

In response, Sanken developed the TFA Series thyristors combining for the first time a guaranteed junction temperature raised from 125°C to 150°C while featuring withstand voltages of 700 V and 800 V, an achievement that was made possible by improving the chip pattern and optimizing the wafer specifications.

This TFA Series answers the need for a high withstand voltage for electronic equipment for 200 V regions while raising the guaranteed junction temperature to 150°C, enabling a heatsink size reduction of approximately 20% and further facilitating thermal solution design.
2. Applications
  Mainly 200 V devices such as the following:
• Inrush current prevention circuit of switching power supply
(Business equipment such as POS units, industrial equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning equipment, instruments, etc.)
• Revolution control via on/off switching of motor current (power tools, juicers, mixers, etc.)
• Temperature control via on/off switching of heater current (electric carpets, electric blankets, etc.)
3. Features
(1) Guaranteed 150°C junction temperature
• Expanded thermal design margin and easier thermal solution design
• Enables heatsink size reduction of approx. 20%
(2) 700 V and 800 V withstand voltage (VDRM/VRRM) lineup
• Lineup includes 100 V and 200 V products covering the world's various power supply voltages.
(3) High dv/dt resistance of 300V/µS (typ.)
• Higher stability against malfunction
(4) TO220F (full mold) and TO220 package lineup
• TO220F: 10.0×16.9×4.2mm (excluding leads)
• TO220: 10.2×16.0×4.8mm (excluding leads)
(5) TO220F (full mold) lineup includes UL-certified products
4.  Specifications Overview
Part Number Package Withstand
Gate Trigger
Current (mA)
Sample Price
TFA38S TO220F 800 3 15 max 300
TFA58S 5
TFA88S 8
TFA108S 10
TFA37S 700 3
TFA57S 5
TFA87S 8
TFA107S 10
TFA38G TO220 800 3
TFA58G 5
TFA88G 8
TFA108G 10
TFA37G 700 3
TFA57G 5
TFA87G 8
TFA107G 10
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